Common pool table measurements(rectangular)*;

  • 7ft x 3.5 ft. (78' 'x 39''). Often found in bars and pubs due to limited space. Often coin operated.
  • 8ft x 4ft. (88' 'x 44''). Common for home use.
  • Pro 8 ft (92'' x 46''). Also called «oversize 8»
  • 9ft x 4.5 ft. (100' 'x 50''). The official size, used in tournaments.
  • 10 ft x 5 ft. The old standard. Still used for some games.
  • -Other sizes are also found like 12 ft x 6 ft and others. There are also English versions of the billiard table (6, 7, and 8 ft, these are measured externally, whereas American pool tables are not) *(there are also other forms to pool tables, but these are not common)

These pool table measurements represent the actual playing surface (not the actual size of the table). To get the right pool table sizes, you will have to add some inches on every side, because you have to take into consideration the rim. For instance the 8 ft version would have the pool table measurement of (99''x55'') given a rail-width of 5.5''. The rail width can vary.

How much room do you need for a pool table? This is a question many want an answer to, prior to buying. Simply because you don't want holes in the wall or being forced to stand in an awkward shot-situation! The best is of course to have more space than needed. But we will give you a little guide here on pool table space requirements.

The average cue stick has a length of 57''. Given this size, the recommended room size will be the following;

  • For 7 ft table: 13' 9'' x 17'
  • For 8 ft table: 14' 2'' x 17' 10''
  • For Pro 8 ft table: 14' 4" x 18' 2"
  • For 9 ft table: 14' 8'' x 18' x 10'

Many people prefer playing on a bigger table, so instead of settling for a 7 ft table because of lack of space you could maybe pick a 8 ft table instead. This could be accomplished if you use a shorter cue stick, like a 48 inches cue stick on some occasional shots (relatively few shots will have to be made by a shorter cue stick). If you are ac costumed and like playing on the 7 ft table you should of course pick this one. Just be aware that you could get a bigger table if you use a smaller cue stick on some of the shots. Most people prefers this little inconvenience rather than choosing a smaller table. The minimum room requirements will be (when accepting shorter cue stick on some shots);

  • For 7 ft table: 12' 2" x 15' 6"
  • For 8 ft table: 12' 7" x 16' 4"
  • For Pro 8 ft table: 12' 9" x 16' 8
  • For 9 ft table: 13' 1" x 17' 4"

We hope this guide helped you.

Whatever size you end up choosing, you will most likely find it here on our shop. See our New pool tables